Saturday, April 4, 2009

If ever there was a Brick...

This is it. Overload is quite the brick. No leg poseability unless you rotate them sideways, little arm poseability, and no other poseability. Pathetic.
His shoulders have a neat missile-launching capability, but that's about it for him. Oh, and he can combine with Armada Prime.

Whatever this is, it can be pulled by Optimus Prime or his little Mini-Con there, and can carry Armada Jetfire. That's all I know.

Really not much to say about Overload.

This brings my Total Transformers Tally up to 5.

Friday, April 3, 2009

NOW we're getting somewhere!

Armada Tidal Wave. One of my favourite figures in the line.

He's a very tall figure, that's for sure. He's also EXTREMELY awesome in Robot mode, even if he's not all that poseable. I for one don't really care much about that.

He also has a rather cool ship mode. I just can't figure out what it is. Some kind of battleship-aircraft-carrier-thing? Of well. It's cool anyways.

Another neat feature is that he can split up into his own personal Dark Fleet. I never really do it that much, but it's a pretty novel feature. Just... what is that thing on the left?

This brings my Total Transformers Tally up to 4.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Movie Scorponok

Ah-ha. Movie Scorponok. I got this guy in a two-pack with Blackout, and though I like that guy better, the Scorponok toy is a little better in terms of quality.

He's pretty cool. The paint job's nice, and he's got this neat little feature that spins his rotor claws when you roll him forwards, which my brother loves.

The only problem is that the tail does not extend forwards. The tip is spring-loaded, but even when fully extended, it barely sticks out in front of his head at all.

Oh yeah, he has a robot mode. It's not bad, but it's not the best robot form of all. I just keep the thing in scorpion mode.

This guy brings my Total Transformers Tally to 3.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And now for my second in the collection!

This is Crumplezone. One of my favourite characters from the Transformers: Cybertron line. I got him in a two-pack with yet another Optimus Prime... more on that later.

So let's see... He's a pretty decent figure. He's got great poseability, though the flaps on his arms kinda hinder movement sometimes. The Cyber Key feature is actually pretty decent on this one. Inserting it into his back moves a pair of large cannons into firing position, assuming you can wedge it there in the first place.

The vehicle mode is unusual, but cool. It's like some cross between a pimped tricycle and a Formula-1. The transformation is also quite simple, which is good for playing, but bad when you're in the mood for a complex puzzle-type thing, like I usually use my transformers for.

Meh. I personally like the vehicle better without the Cyber Key.

This brings my Total Transformers Tally to 2.

So I was thinking...

I have so many Transformers lying around, and no idea what to do with them! So, I got to thingking, and came up with the great and very original idea to take pictures of them and post them on the internet! Isn't it great? Yeah, it would also help me to be able to count them too.

So, let's get started, shall we?
(Please note that I am in no way a professional photographer, and am still learning about how my camera works.)

So this is my newest Transformer at the time of this writing: Universe Galvatron!
This is a really nice figure. A tad smallish, yes, but still quite cool. The purple looks nice, though I think they could have picked a better colour than orange for secondary.

The cannon arm is a bit difficult to get into place sometimes, though, and the other arm loves to fall off. And although I don't care quite as much about kibble as most people do, this guy's gets in the way of transformation quite often.

He doesn't turn into a cannon, though. Instead, he turns into a tank. How original.
Well, you can never have too many tanks, anyways!
Personally, I rather like the missile launcher on the back end. You can see it just to the upper-left of the turret in the picture.

Really, my only problem with the tank mode is that I never know which way to position the turret to make it face frontwards. Well, and it's a tad small. Oh well.

Update as of many months later: Well, now I've had this thing for a while, and its problems are really starting to turn up. The main problem is that none of the appendages stay on. None. This is what you'd call a big problem, and it's annoying as heck. The cannon arm alone takes ages to reattatch, due to the unique pin holding it on.